After graduation

I will be graduating high university this coming year, & let me tell you that I already think exactly what I want to do after graduation, and most of my peers are going to be going off to universitys to become doctors, lawyers & whatever else, and but as for me, I am not going to do that.

I am going to university to become a certified heating & a/c specialist! I have been interested in getting into the heating & a/c industry for the last few years ever since my Grandfather taught me some things about heat & air conditioner repair, then he had been working as a certified heating & a/c specialist himself for decades & had just recently retired. He is the one who got me interested to go this route in heating & a/c. Heating & a/c is something that would make a fantastic residing & a nice steady toil flow. It doesn’t matter if I decide to go & beginning my own heat & air conditioner business or if I toil for the local heating & a/c dealer, either way I will be making a nice residing. Heating & a/c specialists in my area are consistently growing, & I surely intend to become a part of that growing trend of business, and from what I know, getting my heating & a/c certification will not take that long, but as a matter of fact, I should have my heating & a/c certification within a few weeks of going to classes. It sure beats years in university & getting in debt with those darn university loans!
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