After the HVAC job, I was hoping to go fishing

I was honestly supposed to have the day off from my job on Monday, but my boss called to ask me for some assistance.

One of the busy Heating & A/C equipment workers did not show up to the job & my boss needed someone to help with an installation task.

The installation task was right around the corner from my property. It’s the reason why my boss expected that I would be willing to offer a helping hand. I was planning to go fishing with some of my friends, but the people I was with and I weren’t supposed to go until later in the day. I actually offered to work on the job for a couple of hours in the morning. I packed up my truck & drove to the task site. I met the Heating & A/C equipment service professional, however she was already removing the existing component to make room for the brand new Heating & A/C equipment. She was a brand new employee & I never worked with her. We actually only have one female Heating & A/C equipment professional… She would have been forced to complete the entire installation task alone too. I lended a helping hand & we got a lot of the tasks taken care of before I left after lunch. I had just enough time to pack the cooler with a good amount of sandwiches & beer before my buddies arrived to take me fishing. I certainly wanted to go fishing, so I’m really happy that the task didn’t take all day. I ended up catching a 22 lb bass at the base of the river. It’s really the most sizable fish I ever caught in the river & it put up one hell of a fight. It took approximately an hour to get him on the actual boat.


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