Air filtration units still require you to change the air filter

My Mom plus Dad decided to buy a small air filtration device for the house.

They have not let anyone in doors in several months.

They meet our sibling plus the kids on the porch plus they make everyone wear a mask. They do not hug or kiss the grandchildren plus they maintain a distance of 6 feet. My Mom plus Dad are both health compromised plus the coronavirus could entirely kill them. They cannot take any options right now. They are being severely safe plus I am glad to hear that. I wanted to learn about the air filtration device that our mom plus dad bought, so I told our mom to send me the make plus model. She sent me a link right to the amazon store page. I did some research on the air filtration device plus our mom plus dad bought a nice 1. It uses UV technology to get rid of particles in the air. I might even buy the same air filtration device for our home. When I talked to our mom about her new purchase, she did not mention that the air filtration device has a washable air filter. I called our mom the next day to tell her that I ordered the air equipment online. When I mentioned the washable air filter, I could tell that our mom did not suppose that information. Luckily, washing the filter is an easy thing to do plus requires easily little effort. She decided to look through the handbook more carefully just in case she missed anything else that was crucial.

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