At least I can exercise when I can’t sleep

I am often so sleep deprived that I start my day with a headache

I struggle with insomnia, but I waste hours lying in bed just attempting to fall asleep. I’ve read up on the topic and given just about every tip a try. I avoid looking at the TV or laptop screen for at least an hour before bed. I no longer read on my iPad in bed. I occasionally drink herbal tea in the daytime, eat kiwi and raisins. I go through breathing techniques. I run electric fans and specialized sound machines. I’ve bought a new mattress, high-priced bamboo sheets and a soothing gel pillow, and nothing works. I not only struggle to fall asleep but tend to wake up every few hours. Whenever I wake up, the whole falling asleep challenge starts over once more, however the only thing I’ve found that helps is exercise. I don’t know that working out encourages me to fall asleep any faster or easier. It’s just a productive release and relief. When I’m staring at the drywall, getting upset plus feeling weary, I get up plus workout. I spend an hour running on the treadmill, pedaling the stationary bike or lifting some free weights. I workout until our muscles are totally weary plus I can barely rest up… At least I feel as if I’ve accomplished something. I normally wake up in the day feeling sleepy and angry. I am often so sleep deprived that I start my day with a headache. But, once again, physical exertion comes in handy, and despite how hard it is to get started plus moving, I force myself to workout! High intensity cardio gets my blood pumping, drenches me in sweat plus makes me feel better.