Bad experience with air conditioning

When I was growing up, not many people in my local area had air conditioning.

The weather in my part of the country is most often cold, rainy or snowy.

We rarely enjoy more than a couple months of summer sunshine and heat. However, those few months can get brutally hot and humid. Air conditioning is a nice luxury to have. Back then, the portable units were bulky, heavy and expensive. Few people were willing to bother with the cost and effort. My family was one of the few households with air conditioning. We had two portable units, with one of them installed into my bedroom. Because of the location of my bedroom at the end of a hallway, it was an advantageous spot for the cooling unit. I wasn’t happy about rearranging my furniture to accommodate the air conditioner. Plus, I was instructed to keep my door open at all times. The air conditioner had very few adjustments. It operated at maximum capacity or not at all. There was no ability to raise or lower the temperature. It simply blasted freezing cold air at non stop. In the middle of July, when the outside temperature was in the mid eighties, I was forced to sleep in sweat pants and a sweatshirt with multiple blankets. The air conditioner also made a tremendous amount of noise and dripped water non stop. I had to keep a pan under the unit to catch the condensate and then regularly empty the pan. Although it was considered a portable air conditioner, the equipment was so heavy that it took two adults struggling to get it into my window. Because of my experience with that air conditioner, I have never considered a cooling unit for my own house.

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