A Total HVAC Makeover

I’ve been living in the same house for 5 years.

The previous owner didn’t do a great job at keeping up with basic maintenance around the house, so I’ve been slowly fixing everything.

The HVAC system was in really bad shape when I moved in, and it didn’t last more than a few months before it gave out completely. I was forced to replace both the furnace and the air conditioner, which cost me a fortune. I was happy to replace everything though because it meant that I could start from scratch. I didn’t have to worry about paying anymore high utility bills or fear the AC breaking down in the middle of the night. Since then, I’ve had the HVAC system serviced twice per year, once in the spring and once in the fall. This guarantees that my furnace and AC stay running efficiently and consistently during the most extreme parts of the year. During my last HVAC tuneup, I asked the HVAC professional if there was anything else I could do to take care of my HVAC system. Since I already replaced the furnace and air conditioner, he suggested that I have my ductwork cleaned. It would be good to remove any congestion and seal any holes that could be creating big leaks. A lot of air could be wasted if the ductwork wasn’t taken care of properly, so I thought this was a wonderful way to keep my HVAC system running efficiently. Now, my HVAC system is one less thing I have to worry about.
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I Could Have My AC System Looked At Quickly

I’ve been working from home for over a year now.

Once the virus hit this region, all companies were ordered to have their employees work from home.

My boss said that we’d only be home for a few weeks, but that slowly transitioned into a few months and now it’s been over a year. The benefit to the virus was that it showed my boss that not everyone needed to work at the office in order to be productive. Thankfully, I’ve been able to remain in my home office. Since I’m at home all day, I’m able to stay on top of things around the house. I can fold laundry in between emails, clean on my lunch break, and I can even hire professionals to come get stuff done since I’m at the house. Last week, I noticed the AC was cutting on and off more frequently than normal. I noticed it while I was working because the outside condenser unit sits right outside my window. I heard the equipment cutting on and then cutting off a minute later. It did this all afternoon. Before my work day was over, I called the local HVAC company and scheduled an appointment. I wanted to have the AC system looked at by a certified HVAC professional before anything got worse. Thankfully, since I was already at home, they were able to send an HVAC professional to the house within a few hours. I would never have been able to have my AC system serviced so quickly if I was working in the office!


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I Have My Gas Furnace Serviced In The Summer

In the region I reside, the winters are brutal with temperatures dropping below zero and blizzards sweeping through every week.

This area of the world isn’t for everyone, but I enjoy living here all year round.

Because the winters are so extreme, I rely heavily on my gas furnace. Most houses in this area have a gas furnace over an electric furnace because they are more consistent and cheaper to run. There are some safety hazards that scare people away from investing in a gas furnace, but once you learn about the benefits of a gas furnace and everything they can do for you, you’ll see that they’re a much better option. One of the best ways to keep a gas furnace running safely is to have an HVAC technician tune it multiple times per year. A lot of houses in this area prepare for winter early on, so it’s important that I have my gas furnace looked at before the temperatures drop. I like to stay ahead of the crowd, so I always arrange to have my gas furnace serviced in the middle of summer. The summers here are short and mild, which makes it the perfect time to have my gas furnace looked at. In doing this, I’m guaranteed to have an HVAC technician come to my house before the cool weather arrives. If I wait too late, it can take weeks for an HVAC technician to tune my gas furnace. This method has always worked for me, so I plan on scheduling an HVAC appointment soon.

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She Needed a Ductless Mini Split System

I didn’t know anything about ductless mini split systems, so this was all new information to me

When my hair stylist started her own business, she transformed the downstairs of her basement into her own shop. The basement had its own access and there was enough room for her to work with her clients. During my first hair appointment in her new shop, I was shocked by how warm it was. Typically, basements are cooler than the rest of the house because they are underground. With all the blow drying and hot tools though, the basement was left feeling humid and warm. I didn’t say anything about the temperature, because I was happy for my hair stylist and I wanted to support her journey. About halfway through the appointment, my hairstylist apologized for the warm temperatures. She told me that the last thing she needed to install to her salon was a duchess mini split system. The ductless mini split system was going to be installed right under the ceiling and it didn’t need to attach to the ductwork of the HVAC system. The new system would keep the basement cooled while she was working and there was a remote for her to control the settings and it would only be used when she needed it. I didn’t know anything about ductless mini split systems, so this was all new information to me. The ductless mini split system seemed like a fantastic way for my hair stylist to cool her new studio, and I was anxious for her to get it installed. I didn’t want to sit through another appointment with no AC!
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Finding a better way when it comes to HVAC comfort for all

When I was growing up, the HVAC thermostat was my dad’s realm and my dad’s realm alone. He was not the sort of guy that took kindly to anyone moving the thermostat setting. And somehow, I never really knew how, he could tell if the thermostat had been changed even when it was put back before he got home. But that’s sort of how that goes with a dad’s secret powers. For me, being a dad comes with a lot less of those secret powers. It also seems to come with a lot more complaining that I remember ever doing with my parents. But then again, along with not messing with the thermostat, my dad didn’t take kindly to complaints. I’m less harsh when it comes to my kid’s behavior. And when they get out of line, I’m the first one to correct them. Otherwise, I’m a listener and a problem solver when it comes to my children. I like for them to fell completely free to come to me with anything. And in turn, I will help them find suitable solutions for themselves wherever and whenever I can. To that end, all the kids and my wife asked if we could look into getting zone controlled HVAC for our house. This was due to the fact that we all have such different heating and cooling needs. Agreeing to a thermostat setting for the house has become increasingly difficult. But the HVAC company was able to take care of that. We now have zone controlled HVAC and there are 5 separate thermostats throughout the house. This will allow anyone to find a space they can then customize the thermostat setting to their wishes.


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I leave all the heating and cooling up to our heat pump

I’m sure glad that I won’t have to deal with having a central air conditioning unit and a gas furnace. This is a combination that many of our neighbors to the north have in their homes. I recently visited a college buddy how lives way up north. Even though it’s mid summer, he was still actively preparing for winter. While he has the aforementioned gas furnace, he also has a back up heating system as well. And we spent a few days together prepping the plan B heating system. That would be cutting and splitting wood for his wood stove. Honestly, it was quite fun to be out in the woods with my friend and we’re both active so putting up wood was a fun activity. And having beers in the air conditioning after that work made it even sweeter. However, it really was a stark reminder that I have it really good with my choice of residence. There is only one piece of HVAC equipment that I have to worry about and that’s my heat pump. It’s really just the perfect HVAC technology for our heating and cooling needs. The winter we experience is quite mild. Still, there are cold snaps that require a big of heating. And the heat pump is more than up to that task. But it’s the air conditioning that the heat pump is really made for. That’s because this HVAC technology actually pumps heat out of the house to make room for cooling air. The heat pump does this so well and in such an efficient, reliable manner. I’m very thankful to live where I do and that I can count on the heat pump all year.



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HVAC service and repair is not a place to cut corners

There have been periods in my life where an economic downturn had played havoc with my life.

The one thing that I learned from those experiences was to simplify.

The worst economic hits have taken place when my life was just too large. So I adjusted. You learn to stick with essentials and that starts with decent housing, quality heating and air, good food, reliable transportation and clothing. The rest you can kind of figure out as you go along. It was good that I had long ago adopted this life strategy because the pandemic definitely hit our household in the wallet. Like many, we had to work from the air conditioning at home. And we had to limit our spending as our salaries were reduced. But it wasn’t all that big a deal as we live a life that isn’t excessive or beyond our means at all. We simply reined in the spending and targeted things like the HVAC cooling costs to further our savings. Yet we have a neighbor who was really struggling. This was the first time she couldn’t spend what she wanted and her life required plenty of spending. She’s young and this will be a good experience for later down the road. But my wife and I tried to help her when she came to us so upset over her finances. And her HVAC equipment wasn’t working well either. She was going to call a handyman for HVAC service to save money. We cautioned her that cutting costs on HVAC service and repair is not where she should focus her cost savings energy.

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Retirement comes with plenty of air conditioning

I don’t miss the winters at all.

But I will admit that it took me a while to get accustomed to all the HVAC cooling that my new summers require.

It’s been worth it though and I would make the same decision to retire down south all over again if I had to. My wife was the main driver for retiring in the sun. She’s from the south and has had to endure far too many cold winters full of a gas furnace running night and day in order to heat our homes. For a full decade prior to us moving down here, she was already putting it all together. We would vacation in spots that were potential landing areas for us once we retired. By the time I actually did pull the trigger on retirement, the cold of winter was really getting to me. I just felt like the trade of a gas furnace for a heat pump would be in my very best interest as well as my wife’s best interest. And that first winter down here was heaven. The heat pump hardly even came on as there weren’t too many days that required much heating in our house. But as the months passed, the heat and humidity increased dramatically. Initially, this was really tough to get accustomed to. I ended up staying inside the HVAC cooling far more than I should have. So this past spring, I started acclimating myself to the heat earlier. This made it much more pleasant once the heat really hit and it saved us a lot on HVAC cooling costs.

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Didn’t fly but still got on the road and found good HVAC as well

The pandemic certainly changed things up a bit for me.

Okay, that’s a bit of a wild understatement.

Like most people, I had to deal with all sorts of changes to my normal to deal with Covid. And I’m very much a creature of habit. I like working in the office and coming home to the air conditioning of my home to relax. So when they closed our offices and I had to work from home in my air conditioning, I knew that was not going to be the end of changes for work. That’s because I’m unable to do all my work from the heating and cooling comfort of my home. I actually have to be onsite to implement the different services our company provides. Normally, that would include several business trips per month. Again, normally that would mean flying to my business destination for a few days and then flying back to my air conditioning at home. Well, there was no flying for me even though the airlines were installing HEPA air filters. So that meant weeks on the road to do what I needed to get done for our customers. But I will say that traveling in the zone controlled HVAC of my car was far more preferable to flying. Sure it took longer to travel, but it was much less hassle. And I found the sort of hotels that offer the best, most consistent quality heating and air I have ever found. With as much as I travel, finding consistently excellent heating and cooling is a big discovery for me.

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Temporarily dealing with not so good HVAC

Having to live in a rental unit with less than ideal heating and cooling is sort of adding insult to injury.

And less than ideal is really sort of sugar coating the heating and cooling we get in this rental condo.

But I keep telling myself it’s temporary. Still, when I call the rental office about the fact that the air conditioning can’t keep up, I don’t see any HVAC professionals. What I do see is a handyman who does basically nothing and the poor HVAC cooling continues. Again, we’re halfway through the summer and I keep the temporary status of our tenure here front of mind. Still, it’s just so frustrating. We just sold our house and we’re living in a rental until our new home is finished. That’s still another 4 or 5 months away at best. Prior to selling our home, we had the HVAC replaced. We replaced it with state of the art HVAC technology in order to further entice buyers and get a great price on the house. It worked as we were able to get a price about 15 percent over asking. That’s how crazy the housing market is right now. The new HVAC equipment was just so great. It has the highest SEER rating of just about any quality heating and air systems out there. And our house was just heavenly for the months that I was able to enjoy the new HVAC equipment. So moving to this condo and enduring the hottest summer inside a house I have ever experienced has not been fun at all. But again, it’s just temporary right?


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