Bought portable A/C in the middle of the night at friends house

I never want to be someone who insults a host if they’re gracious enough to let me into their home. There’s nothing more irritating than being with someone who makes unnecessary comments about the temperature of a neighbor or family member’s home when they are so kindly giving you a place to gather. I’ve had this happen to me too many times by entitled girlfriends who thought that they could suggest different air temperature & air quality control settings. It’s rude since we were not even in their home. You have no clue how uncomfortable it is when they start adjusting the thermostat and recommending modern heating & cooling companies. This is why I like to keep my mouth shut, even if I am super uncomfortable in someone else’s home. Recently, this was the situation when my good pal kindly let me stay with him for a few days. However, he did not mention that his air conditioner had been failing, and apparently the central heating & cooling plan was well over 14 years old. His air conditioning component was certainly affected by wear & tear. It was not providing high-quality indoor air no matter what he adjusted the temperature control to. When I arrived at his place, it was boiling hot & muggy. However, I did not want to insult him by mentioning anything about his air conditioning system. Instead, I waited until the middle of the evening when I could sneak out of his home & purchased a portable A/C component so I could get some rest.



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