Bring my own AC to the ballpark

When I tell people what a die-hard baseball fan I am sometimes they can’t understand.

I know that not everybody enjoys going to the ballpark and watching the game as much as I do.

I understand that I’m a bit of a super fan and I will go to great lengths to support my favorites sporting activity. My friends and family are constantly joking about the extreme measures that I will take to keep up with our local baseball team. For instance, when they needed donations for new uniforms I was the first in line, handing over my entire paycheck. Recently, everyone has been more blown away by my dedication to sitting in the pounding sun and sweltering humidity so that I don’t miss a single game. Truth be told, it is extremely uncomfortable outside these days. The summer weather has been extremely oppressive with daily high temperatures and extreme humidity in the air. Most folks have been hiding out in air conditioning systems for weeks now. They refuse to even walk out the front door if they don’t have another AC unit waiting for them within 10 feet. However, that hot outdoor air won’t stop me from attending my favorite baseball games every opportunity that I get. I can assure you, sitting in the bleachers and sweating in the sun is very uncomfortable. There’s no ventilation and it is oppressively hot. That’s why I always bring a backup air conditioning system. If I get overheated on the bleachers I will happily leave the ballpark to finish the game from the parking lot in the comfort of my AC. Bringing an RV to the ballpark is a bit difficult, but worth the air conditioning.


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