Caught HVAC problem just in time

It was just a normal day and I was making lunch for my wife and myself.

We both work from home.

Not so much due to the pandemic as I am a writer and my wife raises and breeds specialized plants. It’s sort of a strange mix, the two of us. But it works out great. Anyway, I had gotten up from my desk to make us lunch when I noticed a sort of weird sound coming from the HVAC return. I couldn’t really put a finger on it so I just kept walking into the kitchen. I glanced at the thermostat and noticed that the temperature was a bit higher than the thermostat setting. Again, I noted it but was pretty focused on having lunch. Actually, I was more than focused, I was actually a bit excited. That’s because I was about to try out a great chicken salad recipe I had found online. Once I had our sandwiches ready, I called to my wife but realized she wasn’t inside the HVAC cooling but outside in her work area. For some reason, I chose to walk the long way around to go get her for lunch. I honestly believe that my subconscious urged me to take this route due to the strange air conditioning. When I went around the side of the house, I saw the HVAC condenser cabinet with a plastic sheet on it. And the HVAC was smothering. I ripped off the plastic and the HVAC sounds changed dramatically. The HVAC technician came out just to check but it was okay. However, he said had I waited another hour and there would have been serious damage.


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