Certified for sugaring

I had been getting my waxing done from a nearby salon for the last multiple years. When I learned of sugaring, I wanted to provide it a go. I wasn’t sure if my local salon offered this service, so I called them. I asked if they provided sugaring or if they only offered waxing. The woman who answered the phone told me they had to have a qualified aesthetician to provide the sugaring process. I was a bit bummed thinking about going someplace other than the 1 I had been using for multiple years now. I didn’t want to go to someone I didn’t know. Getting your body waxed was an absolutely personal thing, plus I trusted the girl who did it for me. I was hoping she could do the sugaring for me. Now that I knew it wasn’t going to happen, I was having hour guesses about the sugaring event, but I was adamant about trying it. I called multiple local salons, plus they told me they had a couple of aestheticians on staff, plus I made an appointment. I was nervous, however still wary about coming to a new salon for the waxing. Everyone looked pleasant enough when I walked into the salon. I looked around for booths, hoping this was going to be a completely private process. When they called over a young lady who was doing someone’s hair, I was a bit taken aback. She told me she would complete her work with this customer plus be right with me. I walked out without saying anything. She may have been qualified, however it made me uneasy that she was cutting hair, plus I saw nothing hanging on the wall to prove she was certified.


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