Cold morning time

I can not stand it waking up in the morning to go to work and it is freezing cold out.

  • Especially when it comes to having to take a shower in my bathroom.

My bathroom always seems to get cold when it is freezing no matter if I have the central heating system on or not. I was quite tired of this and decided that I had to do something about it right away; So after looking around I came up with the perfect solution. And that was to get a portable space heater and put it in my bathroom! This worked out great. So now in the cold mornings I can wake up, go in the bathroom and flip on the portable space heater while I go down stairs to make the coffee. Then after I do that, I come back to the bathroom and take my shower with it nice and warm in there. It really makes a big difference and makes me feel more refreshed on those cold mornings where the bathroom used to be super cold. My wife even agrees that this is a great thing and makes everyone happy and more lively. Thankfully in the summer time months of the entire year, the bathroom does not get too hot. The central air conditioning system does a fine job on its own of keeping things cool. It is just that for some reason the central heating doesn’t have enough power. I may call a local heating and air conditioning company to look into that.

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