Constantly increasing the Heating and A/C unit

As of recently, I have been increasing our Heating and A/C hot and cold temperatures a lot! While our family and I enjoy normal and steady hot and cold temperatures, since all of us have been having guests over, I have been increasing the Heating and A/C temperature control and raising the cooling hot and cold temperatures.

  • It seems enjoy a lot of guests enjoy the home to be cooler, but our family loves our home to be much warmer, so this causes a few troubles, and a few heated debates between our fiance and I… Even our kids have been complaining recently; This is why I have been searching the internet for possible solutions, and I guess I might have found 1.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading into zone controlled heating and cooling systems, and they sound enjoy the perfect solution to our problem… A zone controlled A/C basically allows you to customize your different hot and cold temperatures for different rooms, instead of the same temperature throughout the entire house, however since our company relies on having constant guests at our home, I entirely guess this could benefit our family and I. I planned on discussing this with our fiance, because the cost is pretty high, but it’s either that or all of us deal with a chilly house. The only other option is maybe a mini split ductless A/C for the guests, but I have a feeling that would be less efficient, which is why I know that a zone controlled Heating and A/C is the best of both worlds, since the guests can still be in a nice cool and professional house, but our family and I don’t have to suffer in a chilly house.

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