Controlling the humidity is part of HVAC function

Living in a region where heat is a big part of the climate, high humidity is a constant factor. When the summer arrives, the humidity can feel as though it’s a hot, wet blanket draped over your entire body. Thankfully, a person can walk right inside and get relief with good HVAC cooling from a heat pump. Without reliable, strong and efficient HVAC, we would all pretty much have to hide in the shade all summer and hope for a breeze. I know that we doo all we can in order to keep our house cool in an effort to lessen the load on the HVAC. We keep the drapes pulled and even do our cooking on the grill during the hot parts of the year. This helps maintain a more constant temperature inside the house. Our family also uses several stand up fans to help us cool down by tricking our skin. But, the HVAC makes such a huge impact in our comfort. And, it’s not just by cooling the air. No, the HVAC is also directly responsible for maintaining a humidity balance inside the house as well. While the HVAC is running, it is actually reducing the humidity level inside the house. The way the HVAC cooling works, it actually extracts warm air from inside the house. As it does this important function, a bunch of moisture from the inside air is exhausted outside. Thus, the humidity level inside the home stays balanced. And, we don’t have to worry to much about being overrun by mold & mildew.

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