Conveniences of a smart home

I originally invested into a security system for my home for the sake of safety. I wanted to protect my property from invasion, robbery and vandalism. I spent hours researching the different types of security systems available. I checked into all of the latest features, read customer reviews and looked up consumer reports. I was amazed by the progression of technology and the conveniences offered by automated systems. Installing the security system has greatly improved my everyday life. I chose a complete home automation system that automatically caters to my schedule, location and preferences. Through a GPS function, it tracks the whereabouts of my smartphone and reacts accordingly. When I leave for work in the morning, the system responds by locking all of the doors and windows and adjusting the thermostat to conserve energy. Once I’m on my way home, the system registers my approach and turns on the lights, raises or lowers the temperature setting and even opens the garage door. Throughout the day, I receive notifications if there’s a temperature fluctuation, movement on the property or a power outage. A moisture sensor lets me know if there’s any concerns over flooding. The system includes smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and even reminds me to schedule maintenance for the furnace and air conditioner. My house is not only much safer but more efficient and comfortable as well. Because everything is wireless, I have access to all of the many features through an app on my home. I can lock doors, shut off lights, turn on the coffee pot, access the security cameras and adjust indoor temperature.

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