Converting the school to an electric heating zone from a gas heating one

This was a decision that the board of parents and directors at the school strongly agreed upon.

Some of the reasons given were that electricity was cheaper in this particular area and it was less prone to accidents related to the release of deadly gases.

Currently, the entire heating and air conditioning system was running off fuel but we were about to change that. We visited the heating corp to gather information on the new heating units that were in stock. To our surprise, we found that the store was having a grand opening and most of the electric heating systems were on sale. As the HVAC tech explained the different units for us to select the best-suited unit for the school. Because of the size of the school, we immediately knew that the oil heater and the space heater were eliminated as they were mostly used to warm a small place like an office. We settled on a geo heat pump for several reasons. One was that we could opt for a ductless HVAC as opposed to a vented one. This unit did not need as much maintenance as the other units. Maintaining the operation of this unit was going to be fairly easy and affordable which was perfect for the school. We then scheduled the boiler installation and the central heating system was installed and was working optimally by the time the students resumed from winter break. We emailed all the school staff the energy saving help guidelines so that we could make sure to conserve the energy as much as possible. The servicemen also scheduled our first complimentary furnace/heater tune-up six months after the fitting. This process of transforming the school was easier than I had anticipated.


Electric heating system