Corporate wellness program has a lot of benefits

My workplace has linked up with a core progression and now offers a corporate wellness program.

Five days a week I can go to the gym for a reduced rate.

My workplace covers half the cost and everyday I go to the gym accrues and helps my end of the year bonus. The reason my work is pushing fitness is because my job is very physical. I work in a warehouse bending, squatting and lifting heavy packages. A lot of the guys frequently go out on injured pay because of falling down, straining their backs or catching a toe jumping into heavy machinery. The fitness class teaches us to properly bend, twist and lift heavy weight. Also a good portion of class is stretching and nutritional counseling is offered to teach us how to properly plan a good meal. I do the class five days a week. I am totally motivated by money. I make a bigger bonus by going to the gym and I also don’t have to pay as much to go. I even get a reduced rate on a group fitness class on the weekends if I want to. I take full advantage of that perk as well. The gym has all sorts of equipment, clean locker rooms, saunas and even a pool. I like going for something to do as well. Sometimes I run into the guys from work and we can hang out while also burning some calories. I know my wife is really happy about me going to the gym. I have lost so much weight.


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