Decided to do custom furniture for the baby’s room

My household came with three bedrooms and a bonus room.

My spouse and I have a single room, she has an office and our child has the last bedroom.

We recently had another child that needs to use the additional room. I had a window put into the room and put a closet in the space. Even with these additions, the bedroom isn’t all that sizable. I want to be able to put a crib, cubbies for clothing and a changing table in the space. I was concerned that nothing would fit due to all the measurements for furniture I managed to find online. A neighbor of mine recommended trying custom built furniture… She said they are able to build furniture to my precise measurements with no setbacks… The custom furniture builder was so nice. She came into the household and took the measurements. She talked to my spouse and I about building materials, finishes and if we were okay with pieces folding up. The custom furniture has genuinely saved our butts! She made us a changing table that mounts into the wall and can be pulled down when in use and hidden when not. The crib is elaborate, beautifully made and looks extremely comfortable! The cubbies fit in the open closet space just right. The cubbies are more than just holes too. The furniture builder made divers within the spaces that shoes would go in eventually or just to keep a large stack of t-shirts from falling over. I honestly like how the room looks now. I want to get custom pieces for our bedroom now.

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