Digital marketing

When I was told that I could benefit with digital marketing, I wanted to go online and find out exactly what digital marketing was.

I heard about digital marketing on the television and how they are always saying that digital marketing works.

I was a bit dubious to put that kind of money into something when I wasn’t sure what I was paying for. After some research it wasn’t hard to find that digital marketing refers to any advertising that is delivered via digital channels. These can include search engines, websites, social media, email, mobile apps, and even digital television channels. I was constantly seeing this one local car sales lot. They were running 30 minute advertisements on all of the minor channels. At least three times a day, I was running into the ad as it took over one of my favorite television shows. I realized that people relied on digital marketing to find out about different products. I already had a working website, and I thought that if a car lot could do this, why couldn’t I? I found a company that could help me with digital marketing. I had a friend who did video ads and I asked for his help. I was able to do four HVAC marketing ads. Each was five minutes long and each was on precautions to take that would help your HVAC equipment to run best through the different seasons. I couldn’t believe the business I was getting just from the repeat performances of those four digital ads. Once I knew what digital marketing was, I knew it was going to be an important tool for my HVAC company.


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