Dog chewed up smart thermostat

My mom’s pet is obsessed with lights plus shadows.

He will go after anything that looks different. She told myself and others that the terrier mix once chewed a hole in the corner of the hallway because the light shone through the window plus settled there; Well I didn’t realize how awful this light obsession easily was until my mom came for a visit plus brought her terrier pet. That pet ran all over the house, all excited, chasing lights plus shadows that weren’t even moving. It was crazy. He wasn’t doing any injure though so the people I was with and I didn’t worry too much. But that evening the pet did do some disfigure. It was particularly fancy too. He chewed up the smart thermostat in the hallway. I don’t suppose how the smart thermostat ended up on the ground. The little terrier mutt was way too small to have jumped up plus gotten it off of the wall. Maybe it fell when he was running around or something. Whatever the case it got chewed up plus ruined. I can’t say that I am surprised. The smart thermostat has lights after all. The more the pet touched the smart thermostat the more the lights would change. After all, it works by touch. The pet also changed the temperature in the house while chewing on the thermostat. So now it is freezing freezing in here plus the people I was with and I can’t change it back. Good thing the Heating plus Air Conditioning specialists are coming out soon to substitute the smart thermostat. I think I will keep this a single in my room until my guests leave. I don’t want it destroyed again.



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