Don't try to fix your air conditioner yourself

I had the worst experience last week.

For the past two weeks or so my air conditioner has been messing up on me. The thing has been leaving a major mess in my house. It was leaking water everywhere and half the time refused to even turn on. The local HVAC companies promised wonderful services for good prices. However when I looked up on their website and spoke to some of the heating and cooling and technicians that was not what I found. They were very expensive and I decided maybe I would just try and fix it myself. This ended up being one of the worst mistakes I could have made. Because of where I live my heating and cooling system is on my roof now I know what you’re thinking most people will just go and get a ladder and get up on the roof if they were to fix it themselves. However I didn’t even have a ladder so I decided to climb up the side of my house. It isn’t difficult to see how this could end badly and that is exactly what happened. I did make it on to the roof only to lose my footing at the last second and fall straight off. My wife came outside after I screamed to find me lying on the ground. Long story short I have to go to a hospital and be treated for some broken bones and the worst part is I still have to go and pay the HVAC company to repair my air conditioner. Last week just wasn’t a good week.

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