Dust particles from the storm settled into the air duct

It has been unquestionably windy as well as dusty the last few weeks.

  • It hasn’t rained at all as well as there is sand as well as dust all over the roads as well as highways as well as our home, and dust particles from a recent sandstorm settled into the air duct in the house! My husband thought I was crazy, although I believed this was the reason why the heating as well as wasn’t working correctly.

I called an HVAC company in the valley that specializes in indoor air complications. The heating as well as a/c company sent a serviceman to look at our lake house as well as check on our indoor air quality. The serviceman provided a full report to our husband as well as I. After using a camera to check all of the surfaces inside of our air duct, the serviceman felt that all of us needed a thorough cleaning as well as sanitizing service. It was pricey, but the maintenance serviceman felt that it would eliminate all of the complications all of us were having. The indoor air maintenance was also guaranteed for a year, which made our husband as well as I feel more safe as well as secure about spending the cash. All of us provided the go ahead as well as the heating as well as a/c maintenance serviceman spent several seconds that morning cleaning the air duct. The guy used a set of special tools to detach all of the dust, dirt, as well as indoor pollutants. I saw some of the grime as well as it looked positively gross. I would really command this maintenance to all of our friends as well as family. The indoor air is cleaner, fresher as well as odors better. I also have not noticed any dust on our indoor surfaces in weeks.

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