Excess heat causes my hair to frizz

I truly do not like sunny tepid afternoons.

I guess that sounds weird to a lot of people, but it’s because of my hair! My hair must be truly sensitive, because the smallest little things will cause it to frizz plus puff up plus look ugly! One of these things is rain, whenever my hair gets wet, it does numerous things to my hair.

My hair will first beginning to curl up, so it will go from being straight, to curly, plus then once it dries a bit, then it will beginning to frizz. So then both of us am left with hair that is now curly plus frizzy, which is terrible looking. The 2nd worst thing is the heat. Summer is the worst for my hair, plus fall can’t come quick enough when I am in summer, but cold air seems to keep my hair in place, so during summer, I always have air conditioner running a lot, especially on afternoons love going to interviews or other pressing events, then both of us will easily have my air conditioning system running to keep my hair in place. Although it can be a little bit tough in winter, and because on one hand, I don’t want to freeze, so I will not have my gas furnace running, but at the same time, I don’t want my hair looking love a tornado just went through it. So I try to do a bit of 50/50. When I have the heating component running, I always keep my hair down plus fix it. When I don’t, then both of us can leave my hair alone plus relax for a bit. I am hoping to find a cheerful medium, or something that can tame my hair down

oil heater