Found the HVAC thief

It had been nagging at me for two winters.

Our house was a well made home that I prepared each winter for the cold.

My preparations were to help keep the house cozy and improve the efficiency of the gas furnace. I made sure all the weather stripping was good and the storm doors were tight. The insulation in the attic was more than enough. And I had the HVAC technician come out each fall to do the heating maintenance on the gas furnace. I wanted to be sure that I didn’t leave anything out so I even went online for other tips on reducing HVAC heating costs. But I still found that the gas furnace ran far too much and the heating costs were significant. Plus, the house just never seemed really warm. Well, I just couldn’t give up. So I really did some thinking when it came to where this HVAC heating leak could be. I mean that’s the only thing that made any sense. I know the house was tight otherwise so, there had to be a culprit somewhere that was letting HVAC treated air out and cold air in. Prior to us buying the house, the previous owner replaced all the windows with double paned windows. It dawned on me that perhaps they weren’t properly insulated when they were installed. And I was right! I found three windows that were improperly installed. Once I got those things insulated correctly, the heating cost dropped like crazy. Now, we are cozy during the worst the winter can throw at us and we don’t have the gas furnace running all the time.


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