Frustrated with renters

I own and manage several apartment buildings with a total of ten units.

I make an effort to take very good care of the apartments and the tenants. I am careful about the type of people I allow into my buildings. However, I’ve still had some bad experiences with renters. Ever since I invested into a maintenance plan with a local HVAC company to keep the heating and cooling units in good working order, I constantly get calls from the contractor because the renters won’t allow him inside. Even after setting up appointment times with them, the renters are either not at home or fail to answer the door. I get charged when the HVAC contractor needs to come back for a second trip to access the heating and cooling equipment. I am paying for this service in order to ensure that the system is operating efficiently, keeping running costs low and providing consistent comfort. It is infuriating that the renters make something that is beneficial to them so difficult. I also take care of mowing the lawns at the different properties. Despite notifying the renters of when I plan to complete lawn care, I am required to pick up after them before I can mow. They leave debris lying in the grass and fail to pick up after their dogs. I finally sent out a memo that if I found dog poop in the lawn again, I was raising everyone’s rent. I am very frustrated that my renters make it difficult for me to maintain the buildings and properties.

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