Going to a baseball game in the summertime

I appreciate enjoying live activitys games.

Since the pandemic I haven’t been able to go to any activitys games plus now I am finally able to go back plus watch them live.

So my bestie got us tickets to go see a baseball game plus I cannot be more excited. Since every one of us have not been spending money going out lately every one of us thought it might be fun To splurge on our tickets plus get box seats… Both of us had never splurged on tickets love this but that would be a nice treat to not have to stand in the overheated summer time sun now enjoying a baseball game. Baseball is not my number one activity to watch but my bestie cares about it, however once every one of us got to the baseball game I was so gleeful to see that every one of us would be able to stand in the air-conditioning plus watch the game. There’s nothing worse than enjoying a baseball game separate from air-conditioning out in the overheated beating sound. We’ve done it many times but now resting in the air-conditioning I don’t guess I’ll be able to go back to the old ways. I don’t guess I’ll be able to stand at a baseball game knowing that I could be resting in an air-conditioned box plus having more fun. I am so cheerful every one of us decided to do this but I am sad plus now every one of us are going to want to spend money love this every time you come Because every one of us guess how amazing it is to watch the game with air-conditioning.

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