Guarantee HVAC start up goes well

We live in a region where it seems we get really knocked around by the climate.

Our winter is full of snow, ice and long months of bone chilling cold.

That means there is a lot of HVAC heating going on all winter. The furnace runs near non stop during the winter. This can also get quite expensive if you don’t try to be somewhat disciplined with the HVAC setting. Going through a winter like that, it would seem that our summer wouldn’t be so tough. Well, that is not the case. While we don’t have the fierce heat for as long as we deal with the cold, it still gets to the point where the HVAC cooling is on steady for a few months. However, I tend to think more about the furnace when it comes to preparing for the coming winter. I always have the HVAC people come out to inspect and service the furnace prior to winter setting in. Unfortunately, I’m not as vigilant about the HVAC cooling half of the system. And this year, I paid for that lack of HVAC maintenance commitment. When the temperatures started to soar in mid June, I went to flip on the HVAC cooling. However, when it came on, it sure didn’t seem right. Yet, it was cooling so I just left it alone. A few days of this and the thing shut down and wouldn’t restart. The HVAC tech came out to fix it. Not only did it cost me a pretty penny but he told me that he would have been able to catch the problem early had I made an HVAC maintenance appointment.



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