He might be more cold blooded than I am – taking dog outside

I don’t mind taking care of this ice cold chore on my own.

I don’t like to complain very much, but I am the sort of person who expects that my romantic partner is going to act like my life partner. If we can’t tackle things together to make life more comfortable for everybody I don’t know why we are in a relationship. I want to work as a team and make sure that we are always supporting each other in every way possible. I never want to feel like I am out on my own or like my partner does not care about my struggles in life. I hope that they would never feel the same way about me. That being said, I’m a little worried about my new boyfriend and his penchant for staying in bed while I drag the dog outside in ice cold weather. Every few hours my dog insists that he has to go outside, rain or shine, heat or freezing. He doesn’t care what season it is or what the air temperature is like outside. This means I have a lot of particularly cold mornings and evenings when I leave the safety of my heated house to stand outside and wait for my dog to go to the bathroom in frigid temperatures. I don’t mind taking care of this ice cold chore on my own. In fact, it makes me appreciate my central heating system more when I get back into the house. However, it bothers me that my boyfriend lets me handle the freezing cold task without offering to suffer alongside me. When I’ve asked him about the uncomfortable job that I have to complete, he simply shrugs and tells me that it makes him cold. No kidding, dude, it makes me pretty damn cold, too…


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