Health and recovery for my knee

I hurt my knee doing college soccer and it just never healed right. Well, I haven’t exactly rested it to allow it to properly heal. I don’t like taking days off from being physical. I went from soccer nearly everyday to graduating and working out daily on my own. I love doing cardio the best. I like to run, swim or jump rope to get my heart going. It gets tough on my knee if I am really going at it. I tried a variety of knee braces, a topical from a cannabis dispensary, a massage, chiropractor and even got pain pills from the doctor. Nothing really helped me until I started doing my fitness class. On the weekends I used to go to the gym to do some weightlifting or run on a treadmill for something different. I saw a flyer for wellness and recovery programs at the gym. This is for people with sports related injuries, pain from motor accidents or just old age and limited mobility. I tried the class one time and was immediately hooked. The personal trainer was great at remembering what each person suffered from and came up with a plan on how to help them. I wasn’t in a group with other former athletes, but other people with leg injuries. One guy had a messed up hip from falling down on ice and a woman had leg issues from a motorcycle accident. The three of us had a lot of similar exercises to strengthen our lower body without damaging it. This is the best my knee has ever felt.

Cross fit gym