Heat makes workout difficult

Just recently, the outside temperature has soared into the mid nineties. Every day is brutally hot and humid. I try to get up as early as possible to workout. Even at 7 AM, the temperature is usually in the upper eighties. I workout in a screened-in lanai, but there hasn’t been even a hint of a breeze. The conditions are horribly overheated and stuffy. I have bought an electric fan to provide a bit of relief. I adjust the fan to the maximum setting and try to stand directly in front of it. Even with the cool air blowing on me, I immediately begin to sweat. I need to keep a towel handy so that I can mop my face. While I normally drink 16 ounces of water during an hour workout, I’ve lately been consuming a minimum of 32 ounces. If I don’t make sure to drink lots of water, I end up with a throbbing headache. However, drinking that much water also causes me to feel a bit nauseous. The heat is simply overwhelming. I struggle to get motivated. When it’s so hot, I’d prefer to lay on my mat and stretch. When I force myself to get moving, the sweat pours off me. My shirt and shorts quickly become saturated. I typically devote about half an hour to high intensity aerobics. I jump rope, jog in place, jumping jack and perform burpees, mountain climbers and squat jumps. The past few days, I’ve created a puddle of sweat around my feet. I wish there was some way to install air conditioning in the lanai. I’m just hoping the weather cools off soon.

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