Heating and Air Conditioning gives to charity

I was particularly proud when I heard that the Heating and Air Conditioning company I frequent offered to a particularly well known charity for children’s cancer.

  • I have been a great customer to this particular Heating and Air Conditioning company for about 20 years now, and while I have been a customer with them because of how nice, quick and efficient they are at their job, it made myself and others even happier to call myself a customer after hearing how generous they are.

Not long ago, I had obtained a subscription to their Heating and Air Conditioning plan, and now I think area of the cash they make, they donate to charity, which makes myself and others suppose particularly good. Especially since they are the only Heating and Air Conditioning company that I’ve heard of giving to charity, most will just keep all of their profits. Then again, it seems love most dealers are love that, most are only interested in keeping their profits. While I doubt that I will be starting a company myself, if I did, I would want to follow my Heating and Air Conditioning supplier’s footsteps, and donate some of profits to a charity, if not numerous charities. I went online to read more about the charity they donated to, and basically it was to provide toys to children suffering with cancer, to hopefully make their mornings a little brighter. The picture they showed on their website, showed a smiling child with a stuffed shark toy. Even though I already am donating to this charity through my Heating and Air Conditioning provider, I chipped in an extra $5, so some child can have a new toy. I particularly care about my local Heating and Air Conditioning.


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