Hot days can be better with some helpful equipment

There is no denying the great power of mother nature.

  • There are many different disasters and uncomfortable situations that arise naturally in the world.

Lightning bolts, hurricanes, tornadoes, hot days, cold days, storms and rain are all just some of the forces mother nature throws at us. Being in shelter, away from the heat or cold and with food and water are the basic human needs. Being alive is number one, being comfortable is secondary. Being comfortable in our homes and workplaces have been improved vastly through great technology. Construction companies, heating and cooling companies and other industries have been impacted greatly with new technology and advancements in the home industry. Sometimes we can’t prevent the disasters of nature but we can mitigate the damage. Similarly to how we have hurricane windows or doors on our home structures, we can heat or cool or areas to our liking. We have insulation to trap cool or hot air inside or outside, we have air conditioning units or HVAC systems and we have many other things. Heating and cooling, roofs, plumbing and dishwashers are all examples of technology making our lives better by advancing it in some way, whether it be adding comfort or saving time. Shades on our windows, solar panels and many other things either use the sun’s energy or shield us from it. Furnaces, stoves, heaters and other systems help heat the house when the snow or ice storms freeze things over. Depending on the circumstances, we can adapt our surroundings to our liking when the great forces of nature make us uncomfortable.


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