Humidifier makes winter more tolerable

Living in an area that has extremely long and cold winters, the lack of humidity in the air is a problem. With temperatures down to twenty-five below zero, we need to keep the furnace running nonstop for at least six months. The heated air sucks the moisture out of the house. Overly dry air feels cooler and leads to higher thermostat settings. The furnace then needs to work harder and uses up more energy. I pay more for less comfort and there’s a greater chance of a furnace malfunction. There’s also a lot of health issues caused by insufficient humidity levels. Headache, sore throat, itchy eyes, sneezing, caught and respiratory infection are all consequences of dry air. Frizzy hair, chapped lips, bloody noses and static shock are the result of a lack of humidity. Following the recommendation of a professional, I invested into a whole-home humidifier. Because of the square footage of my house, I chose a steam-style humidifier. I like that the high temperature required to turn water into steam kills off contaminants for a more sanitary style of humidification. Plus, I can customize the level of moisture that’s introduced to personal preference. I’ve saved enough on my monthly heating bills to recover the cost of the humidifier. The house is so much more comfortable. It feels warmer at lower thermostat settings and there’s less strain on the furnace. Hopefully it will run more reliably and last longer. For the type of weather we endure every year, a whole-house humidifier is a necessity. It makes the winter more tolerable.

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