Humidity balance provided by your HVAC

We finally have come through what is the toughest part of the year for me.

I live in an area where the heat is a big, big deal.

For a four month stretch, we experience near triple digit heat every single day. If it was just the heat, that would be one thing. However, there is an additional component that simply compounds the effects of the heat. That would be the humidity. It is stinking hot and thick around these parts a lot. That means lots of HVAC. But, the pay off is what I’m experiencing now. The rest of the year is epic as far as the weather is concerned. Our HVAC heat pump is perfectly capable of anything the winter can throw at us. And we get so much sunshine and bright blue skies to boot. However, without the heat pump, our summer would be miserable. One thing I think we all might take for granted is how the HVAC also balances the humidity in our homes. It does this without us even having to do one little thing other than turn on the air conditioning. Balancing the humidity in our homes is a wonderful byproduct of the HVAC cooling process. To cool our homes, the heat pump actually removes heat energy from the inside air and exhausts it. As it does this, the HVAC is also extracting moisture from the inside air as well. So that humidity is being exhausted outside the house. Without this amazing benefit of air conditioning, we would all be fighting mold & mildew far more than we do.
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