Humidity is a problem in the basement office

Three months ago, every man in our company started to labor from home.

I was enthusiastic to labor from home, especially because every one of us get to make our own hours.

We can labor any 8-hour shift as long as every one of us start before 11 am. I used to be required to be at labor at 8 a.m., in addition to now I can start toiling at 10 a.m. in addition to just labor a longer afternoon. Unluckyly, not everything has been fantastic since the transition to toiling from home. I had to buy a modern kindle. Work did not provide us kindles for at house labor in addition to our kindle was not in the best shape. I spent about $600 to buy a kindle that would help me perform all of our duties at home. I also created a space in the basement for a house office. I wanted a dedicated area to work, so I could stay focused. Working upstairs in the living room was causing a lot of distractions in addition to I kept getting up to labor on laundry or dishes or some other household chore. Working in the basement feels savor being in an office. I had to service some humidity troubles, because the basement was a damp in addition to moist area, luckily, I didn’t spend a lot of currency to buy a portable dehumidifier that works well. I have the dehumidifier vented out a small basement window. The basement window looks savor it was fitted just for the dehumidifier vent. I put some duct tape around the edges to seal the area, however not only can I get rid of the humidity, but the dehumidifier also works as an cooling system. Now our basement office is complete.


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