Humidity is a problem in the basement office

The basement window looks love it was fitted just for the dehumidifier vent

Three months ago, every person in our dealer started to work from home. I was glad to work from home, especially because both of us get to make our own hours. The people I was with and I can work any 8-hour shift as long as both of us beginning before 11 am. I used to be required to be at work at 8 a.m., plus now I can beginning working at 10 a.m. plus just work a longer day. Unluckyly, not everything has been good since the transition to working from home. I had to buy a new PC. Work did not provide us laptops for at lake condo work plus our PC was not in the best shape. I spent about $600 to buy a PC that would help me perform all of our duties at home. I also created a space in the basement for a lake condo office. I wanted a dedicated area to work, so I could stay focused. Working upstairs in the residing room was causing a lot of distractions plus I kept getting up to work on laundry or dishes or some other household chore. Working in the basement feels love being in an office. I had to service some humidity complications, because the basement was a damp plus moist area; Luckily, I didn’t spend a lot of money to buy a portable dehumidifier that works well. I have the dehumidifier vented out a small basement window. The basement window looks love it was fitted just for the dehumidifier vent. I put some duct tape around the edges to seal the area; Not only can I get rid of the humidity, but the dehumidifier also works as an cooling system. Now our basement office is complete.

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