HVAC alternative method really works for us

It’s one thing to buy an old house and just deal with it.

  • It’s quite another to buy an old house aiming to bring it back to its near original luster.

During the renovation of this home, I sort of wished we were in the deal with it group. Although it was a lot of hard work, we have a lovely home to live in and we saved a very unique structure as well. The old house we bought was a one of a kind by a fairly famous architect. And it was designed prior to residential HVAC being a thing. So this was one of the big factors we were dealing with. The house had many owners who added interior walls and all sorts of other stuff. We wanted to go back to the original design. And one of the things that ruined the aesthetics of the house was the ad hoc way they went about the HVAC equipment. It was essentially a central heating and air conditioning system that had sort of been cobbled together. It looked atrocious with the ductwork the way it was and it was not much of a heating and cooling unit either. We knew that HVAC unit would have to go. But it was the HVAC contractor who came up with what to sort of HVAC equipment to replace it with. That would be the ductless heat pump. We put four of them in the house. They simply sit up on the wall and you’d hardly notice them. But the power from the ductless heat pump turns out to be quite impressive.

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