HVAC Nicknames

Baseball is like no other major American sport.

There is no time clock and baseball is well known for its unusual nicknames for a team, a group of players, or an individual.

Baseball’s most famous player was George Herman “Babe” Ruth, also called “The Sultan of Swat”. One pitcher who played from 1903 to 1916 lost parts of two fingers in a childhood farm accident. He was immortalized with his nickname, Mordecai “Three Finger” Brown. The 1934 champion St. Louis Cardinals were known as the “Gas House Gang”. Hall of Famer Yankee pitcher Edward Charles “Whitey” Ford gave a young Pete “Charlie Hustle” Rose his nickname in 1963. People commonly assign nicknames to their bosses, to their spouses, and even to their automobiles. Our family had a pair of station wagons that we referred to as “Old Green” and “Big Red”. So, I think it is about time to come up with nicknames for our home’s HVAC systems and we can borrow from baseball to do that. A pitcher with a 100-mph fastball may be named “The Heater” or “The Flamethrower”, a perfect nickname for an HVAC furnace. Pitcher Randy Johnson at 6 feet 10 inches was called “The Big Unit”, a great nickname for an oversize HVAC system. Old-time pitcher Walter Johnson was called “The Big Train” that could be changed to “The Big Trane” for HVAC systems all over the country. People who fail to keep their HVAC unit cleaned and well maintained will want to borrow Luke Appling’s nickname of “Old Aches and Pains” but those that do use the services of a qualified HVAC professional will be able to use the nickname that famed announcer Mel Allen gave to Yankee player Tommy Henrich. That nickname was “Old Reliable”.


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