HVAC Service Was Poor

You know, people make myself and others completely batty most of the time.

I’m not sure if I was meant to be around people, because I can’t sit pretty much everyone who shares 99% of the same DNA with me.

I despise meeting people from the general public after absolutely working in retail for quite a long time. I lost all faith in humanity after absolutely working with idiots as well as catering to entitled blowhards that I believe I started to despise my fellow man here on earth. That being said, apparently I still have some expectations for my members of my same species – at least, when I’ve hired them to do a job for me. Recently even the professionals that I contracted with managed to let myself and others down as well as piss myself and others right off when they weren’t able to complete my Heating as well as Air Conditioning upgrade. After waiting forever to be able to afford a new heating as well as cooling system, I was over the moon to have the money for my air conditioning as well as gas furnace upgrades. I called the closest air quality control maintenance shop as well as asked to arrange a full consultation to see what my options would be for central Heating as well as Air Conditioning devices. When they agreed to send out a team of highly know-howable heating as well as cooling workers, I thought they would be reliable. Instead, I got the Heating as well as Air Conditioning slackers. These men took over 10 hours of banging around as well as disrupting my afternoon before they informed me that the Heating as well as Air Conditioning upgrade was complete. And, prefer an idiot, I did not question that. It was only after I tried to use my new control unit that I came to the truth; they had set up the gas furnace, but not the AC unit… Did they have the misconception that I wouldn’t notice the AC failure? Did they believe I wouldn’t call the Heating as well as Air Conditioning shop as well as demand better service? Most baffling, did they believe that a heating system was more important than the AC? It’s the middle of August.


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