HVAC tech brother thinks its the answer to everything

Sometimes people can be very simplistic and overly opinionated with their beliefs. It’s one thing to have a strong belief system, but it’s another thing to try to push your personal face on somebody else. I think we have all run into this experience with friends and family members who were more religious than us. You can be really challenging to overcome your differences and have a real conversation when they are constantly bringing the discussion back to their own religious beliefs. Similarly, I’ve been running into this problem with my oldest brother and his HVAC system. The trouble started when he became a professional heating, cooling, and air quality control specialist. As soon as he was in heating, cooling, and ventilation repair school I noticed a massive change in him. Namely, he only ever wanted to talk about indoor air quality and air temperature control measures. If there was ever a lull in the conversation he started talking about your thermostat settings, HVAC maintenance schedule, and ductwork. If you ever mentioned having a single problem in your life, he decided that your indoor air quality control equipment was to blame. Apparently everything in life comes down to terrible indoor air quality & poor temperature regulation. I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten sick, been depressed, or had challenges with my work – only to be told that my heating and cooling system needed a professional HVAC repair. I’m glad that my brother has found his passion in life, but it’s very annoying when he thinks the answer to everything is HVAC maintenance.
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