I accidentally found our early anniversary gift

Yesterday, I accidentally found our partner’s gift for me.

Next week is our anniversary, plus I accidentally found our anniversary gift.

I was telling our partner about how our pollen irritations were consistently acting out plus how it was just miserable waking up every morning. My patient partner was legitimately listening to our problems, plus I think he did his research as to what could possibly help our pollen irritations. Anyways, while I was digging through our closet, I came across a bag, plus I was curious as to what it was, plus that’s when I discovered our early present. Thankfully, the surprise wasn’t completely ruined as I legitimately wasn’t completely sure what it was. I decided not to mention that I found his gift, plus when he presented it to me, it wasn’t hard to act surprised, since I still had no method what the heck it was. I showed our confusion to him, plus he happily filled in the details. What I was holding was a UV UV air purifier. One of the best out there, with a HEPA filter, it uses UV light to kill off all bacteria, germs plus best yet, pollens! It is supposed to help reduce pollen in the air, plus reduce pollen irritations. I became incredibly blissful at the thought of possibly not having to deal with constant sneezing fits plus a runny nose. My bestie was legitimately great at installing things, plus he managed to get it installed in our heating plus cooling system separate from much difficulty. It took a couple of days, although I legitimately noticed our pollen irritations were reduced. I didn’t wake up from continuous sneezing, plus our nose stopped running. I hugged our partner plus told him he got myself and others a great gift.

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