I am suddenly getting high energy bills

I am one person who values her finances and always works with a budget.

This means that I can keep most of my expenses reasonably and avoid making unnecessary purchases.

Therefore, it was shocking and disturbing when my energy bills shot to an all-time high a few months ago. Most of my monthly recurring expenses are estimated to be at a certain level. The fact that this one went too high meant that something was off. I had maintained all other appliances as before and was sure that the spike was not a result of a changed utility. For these reasons, my first suspect was the HVAC system. I noticed that there were strange sounds a few weeks back and that the unit seemed to struggle to heat my space more. However, due to the busy nature of my job at that time, I had no chance to scrutinize the issue further. After all, it was not so evident for me to be alarmed about. However, this increased energy bill was something that was a significant concern for me. My bill had tripled in a matter of weeks, and there was no way I was going to put up with that. So, I called my HVAC specialist to check what could be a mess. He found out that my unit was well maintained since I was keen on this. I even had a schedule that ensured no checks were missed. He further investigated external causes and realized that the sudden HVAC unit overworking had been triggered by the snowdrift against the outdoor unit. This was beyond my control, but he suggested having a fence around the unit as long as it did not restrict any airflow. He also told me about the insulation to avoid any leaks.


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