I bought a brand new furnace at a garage sale

I bought a brand new furnace at a garage sale.

I was not expecting to find a furnace when I went out garage saling.

I thought for sure that I would find something, but I did not expect to find a furnace. I don’t even understand why the people were selling the furnace at their garage sale instead of selling it on the internet. I feel like they could have gotten a lot more money for the furnace if they would have listed it on the internet instead of selling the furnace at their garage sale. I am honestly super glad that they sold me the furnace though. I asked them how much they wanted for the furnace, and they basically told me that whatever I was willing to pay they would take for it. I didn’t know how much a furnace was worth, so I asked them. They sold me the furnace for a hundred dollars. They told me that they had just bought the furnace a week before, and it had never been used. They bought it from a store that was closing, so they got it for a pretty good deal. It turns out that it was the wrong furnace. I told them to list the furnace online to see if they could sell it there first, but they said that they didn’t want to go through the hassle to list the furnace on the internet. They sold me the furnace, and I am so grateful because my old furnace had been giving me some trouble. Thankfully, my new furnace will work fine for my house.

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