I can’t take the heat without the A/C any longer

Ever since the Springtime season started, I have been severely annoyed.

I have to drive half an hour in the morning plus half an hour to get home! Regrettably, our air conditioning appliance stopped working a few weeks back. I took our motorcar to a mechanic plus the mechanic basically informed me that it was going to cost roughly $600 to repair the air conditioning appliance problem. I don’t have enough money to pay for the repairs, so I have to go without the air conditioning appliance for a while. Things were not so terrible back in March plus April, however now it is almost June plus the outdoor rapidly increasing temperatures are getting warmer by the day. The humidity is at 71% everyday plus the ride back to my dwelling is terrible. My drive to task at 7 a.m. is not the worst, because the sunshine is still on the way up. My ride back home later on though is awful plus I usually rest in traffic most of the time. I have no breeze coming through the window whatsoever plus I can’t run the fan inside my motorcar either. I am starting to wonder if I will be able to deal with the heat once the warm season is in full effect. My parents offered to loan me the money to pay for the air conditioning equipment repairs. I can even pay them back over 12 months. I honestly don’t like owing them money because I am independant plus I live on my own. Still, I might have to swallow my pride plus let them help me repair the air conditioning equipment complication in my car. Tomorrow, the temperature is said to be close to 90.

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