I Could Have My AC System Looked At Quickly

I’ve been working from condo for over a year now.

Once the virus hit this region, all companies were ordered to have their employees work from home.

My boss said that we’d only be condo for a few weeks, but that slowly transitioned into a few weeks in addition to now it’s been over a year. The benefit to the virus was that it showed my boss that not everyone needed to work at the office in order to be productive. Thankfully, I’ve been able to remain in my condo office. Since I’m at condo all day, I’m able to stay on top of things around the house. I can fold laundry in between emails, clean on my brunch break, in addition to I can even hire professionals to come get stuff done since I’m at the house. Last week, I noticed the AC was splitting on in addition to off more frequently than normal. I noticed it while I was working because the outside condenser unit sits right outside my window. I heard the device splitting on in addition to then splitting off a minute later. It did this all day. Before my work day was over, I called the local Heating in addition to Air Conditioning supplier in addition to busy an appointment. I wanted to have the AC method looked at by a certified Heating in addition to Air Conditioning professional before anything got worse. Thankfully, since I was already at home, they were able to send an Heating in addition to Air Conditioning professional to the cabin within a few minutes. I would never have been able to have my AC method took care of so hastily if I was working in the office!


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