I couldn’t believe how small the air purifier I ordered was

In the middle of April, I was actually working from my own residence. Many of my co-workers chose to work from their residences as well. At the end of April, the company mandated that everybody work from their residence due to the Coronavirus. I was working from my residence roughly 5 afternoons a week and I was not having any difficulty getting everything completed. In fact, it seems like productivity levels have not gone down since everyone started to work from home… That’s a single massive reason why I was so stunned when our supervisor reached out to everyone about reopening the building… Everyone was going to be required to return to work on the first day of July and that actually included me. I was quite unhappy about returning to the work building due to the high positive coronavirus case numbers still. I decided to buy an air purification machine to put on my desk. I was actually hoping that the air purification machine would help keep me safe. I ordered the air purification machine online and I was terribly disappointed when I got the product in my residence. The air purification machine was a whole lot smaller than I anticipated. When I got the tape measure out, I was able to see that the air purification machine was approximately half the size of the online measurements. I immediately contacted the company to complain. They refunded my money, but only after I spent about 60 minutes on the phone waiting to talk to a customer representative. The company made me pay for the shipping fees to send the item back to the warehouse and they would not refund the money until they had the air purifier back on the shelf.