I did not expect to spend currency on the fireplace

My partner plus I bought a new condo a couple of weeks ago.

  • The people I was with and I loved the condo which sits on 4 acres of lakefront property.

The people I was with and I weren’t planning to buy a new place, however this condo was perfect for our family of four. I appreciate living on the water plus we dreamed of a place with lakefront access plus a big yard, however both of us appreciate to kayak plus canoe plus we recently bought a set of sit up paddle boards. The outdoors is our favorite place to be. When the realtor got us a showing, I realized that we could not provide up the house. The people I was with and I estimate our price plus we had to spend a little more currency than we really planned, however it was worth it to secure the property… One of the biggest concerns that we had to tackle instantly was the fireplace. It needed to be rebuilt including the mantle, hearth, plus all of the chimney parts. I got a couple of weird estimates from Heating plus A/C dealers that specialize in chimneys plus fireplaces. The work was more than three grand, however the Heating plus A/C contractor built a brand new mantle for the fireplace plus it was charmingly crafted out of oak, she even carved our surname into the mantle. I believe the fireplace looks charming in the media center plus I cannot wait to redo the flooring so the entire room looks rustic plus warm. My partner plus I did not proposal on spending three grand to fix the fireplace, however we are harshly delighted every time we get to use the amenity.

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