I didn’t know this needed to be done

I will never forget when I got my particularly first central heating plus a/c plan in my house… I had never had central heating plus a/c before plus did not know the typical basics that most people should know… You would have figured just turn on the temperature control plus go right? Well, believe it or not I didn’t understand the concept of air filters! I ended up going for almost a year without increasing the air filter of my central heating plus cooling system.

It would have possibly been even longer had the indoor air quality of my condo not gone downhill plus if I did not call the local heating plus a/c contractor to do an annual heating plus a/c plan tune up plus check up, the heat plus a/c specialist that was doing the tune up asked myself and others how long it had been since I changed my air filter.

I asked “what is an air filter?”, he thought I was joking! He went on to tell myself and others all about air filters plus then it all made sense to me, then ever since then I have always been particularly careful of the air filter in the central heating plus a/c plan unit. I make sure plus change out the air filter once a week, even if it particularly doesn’t need to be changed. This is something I have been doing now for over 20 years, plus it is a particularly fine thing that I am not on top of things when it comes to air filters plus my central heating plus a/c plan unit!

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