I don’t eat out because none of the steakhouses here use regular ventilation

I used to like eating out at steakhouses with friends on the weekends.

My city has a massive number of highly rated steakhouses covering food from places like the middle east, Asia, Europe, and even Latin and South America.

You can take a stroll down multiple city blocks downtown and find food from two totally weird parts of the world. I like the diversity and our taste buds like it too. There’s a diner that serves all sorts of wraps and sandwiches from various Arabic speaking countries, and I guess that’s what I like the most. Vietanamese food is fantastic, however our weak tongue has never been able to get past the spiciness of much of Tai cuisine. None of this matters anymore because now I don’t eat out. Occasionally I’ll grab a take out order on our way cabin from work, however these buildings have become festering grounds for coronavirus. Our Governor recently lifted all restrictions on bars and steakhouses, including rules for tenant capacity. It’s harder to do something with greater risk of viral transmission than eating in a steakhouse. You have to detach or lift up your mask every single time you take a bite of food or a sip of your beverage, and that goes for every other person in the building short of the employees. These places could buy HEPA rated UV light air purification systems to give the interiors better ventilation, however none of them have thus far. I don’t even want to walk inside to grab a take out order because the air is so heavily contaminated.



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