I feel safer with an air purifier

This year has put many people in a state of confusion.

There’s still things everyone can do to keep themselves safe. One of the first things I decided to do was take steps to make sure I was safe during this pandemic in my own home. I called the HVAC dealership as well as spoke to them about improving the air quality in my condo as well as keeping me safe from harmful germs. The hardware store suggested that I use HEPA air filters as well as a wonderful UV air cleaner. The representative explained that the UV light for the air cleaner would work effortlessly to eliminate dangerous pathogens including the virus. I thought this was genuinely essential to have in my condo, so I bought the UV air cleaner upgrade. I also ordered a few HEPA air filters because they were supposed to help eliminate all kinds of contaminants that moved through the ductwork system. When I had the HVAC components hooked up, I was thankful that I was safe from coming down with a dangerous virus while staying inside. I’ve stayed home for months now, as well as I only leave for necessities. I try to limit myself to a few stores whenever possible. I don’t want to be outside risking the dangerous virus. Being in my condo all the time has been depressing though. I’m just glad I’m safe with my new air purification plan.

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