I figured our acquaintance got sick because she had such disappointing air quality in her home

Then I went to change the air filter with HEPA air filters

When our acquaintance was very sick, I told him she needed to go to the hospital, then she truthfully didn’t have any desire to go to the hospital, despite the fact that I have to convince him, then first of all, I noticed that the air quality in her house was horrible. I didn’t want to shame him about forgetting to change the air filter, despite the fact that I knew that had to be what was going on. I figured when I took him to the hospital, I would go plus choice up some air filters for him plus possibly a nice UV media air cleaner. So I eventually got him to the hospital plus the doctors did their check up on him. It turned out that she had strep throat plus she needed antibiotics. When I l received this, I easily knew she needed a great UV media air cleaner because I think the UV light kills bacteria plus other germs. So while she was at the hospital, I decided to go choice up some HEPA air filters which pull 99.9% of contaminants from the air. I also sought out a quality UV media air cleaner. When she was finally discharged from the hospital, I set the UV media air cleaner up first thing plus got that going. Then I went to change the air filter with HEPA air filters. I very must say, that outdated air filter was very nasty. I wasn’t going to bring that up, despite the fact that I figured that was easily a area of the reason why she got sick the way she did. It’s easy to get sick when you don’t have great air quality in your home.


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